At American Pluming Contractors, we favor the use of PEX piping as it provides many benefits in a plumbing system.

PEX saves money in many ways. For the installer, PEX tubing is competitively priced. Installation of flexible systems is fast because of the easy handling of the tubing and PEX installation requires fewer directional fittings. Since most plumbing problems occur at joints, fewer fittings also reduce the chances for leaks and callbacks, saving the installer even more time. The homeowner saves in the cost of the installed system, and can reduce utility costs in some layouts.

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We are now offering a line of Energy Star Hybrid Gas Water Heaters that can save you time, space and money.

Eternal Hybrid™ and Eternal Condensing Hybrid™ work on the Counter Flow Principle. This is an opposite approach to the way the industry has traditionally built water heating appliances. Unlike any other water heater appliance, Eternal has achieved the highest efficiency in the industry without sacrificing your comfort.

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  • Environmentally Responsible
  • LEED Certified
  • Save Water - Save $$$
  • Help Conserve Water

Helping the Environment

American Plumbing Contractors strives to be as environmentally-friendly as possible